5 Reasons to Hire Piano Movers

Moving a piano takes more than a few friends and a moving truck. Due to the piano’s weight and bulk, moving it safely requires the knowledge and expertise of a specialty mover. Here are five reasons you should hire Toronto Piano movers instead of trying to do it yourself.

1. The Movers Have Experience

It seems so easy. Roll it out of the house, on to the truck, then do the opposite on the other end. Moving a piano though is not often so easy. You may have to go around corners, make sharp turns, get through narrow hallways, or angle it through a narrow door. Professional movers have seen it all and know how to navigate the piano through, over, and around just about anything.

2. The Movers Have the Right Equipment

Pianos are heavy and bulky. To move a piano safely, it needs to be secured to a dolly built to handle its weight and bulk. A standard moving dolly isn’t going to do it. Those who move pianos professionally have the equipment needed. Plus, with long distance moves, the piano needs to go into a climate-controlled truck to prevent damage from extreme temperatures and humidity.

3. It’s Safer for the Piano

The piano is a finely tuned instrument often encased in a detailed well-preserved wood cabinet. Trying to move it yourself could end up denting the outside finish or causing damage to the instrument’s internal pieces. If you want to preserve the instrument’s integrity and looks, let the professionals handle the move.

4. It’s Safer for You

Pianos can weigh several hundred pounds. Even if you have a bunch of friends over to help, there’s a good chance you or someone could get hurt. Strained backs and pulled muscles are the most likely. However, due to its weight, serious injury might be the result. Movers who know how to move pianos are far less likely to get injured. Plus, they are covered by the moving company’s insurance, not yours.

5. It’s Safer for Your Home

Maneuvering a piano through a home can be tricky. It’s easy to clip a door, dent a wall, or chip the edge of the stairs. To keep your new home looking its best, let the professionals do the maneuvering.

Hiring piano movers is the smart thing to do. It will get the piano to its new home safe and sound, without hurting you, it, or your home. Plus, it’s one less thing you need to worry about moving.

4 Ways That a DNA Test Can Provide Information

4 Ways That a DNA Test Can Provide Information

In a sense, DNA is very similar to an instruction booklet for all the cells in the human body. That DNA can be read like a book, telling the history of a person’s bloodline. DNA can also give information about the possibility of disease, the prevalence of genetic traits, and more. Because of how much information DNA can provide, many people are interested in getting a DNA test. Whether a person is looking to learn more about his or her heritage, or a person is looking to take a dna test while pregnant, or even if a person is just curious about what his or her DNA says, there’s a very good chance that a DNA test will provide answers to many questions.

1. DNA Tests Can Reveal How Prone a Person Is to Genetic Conditions

If a person has a recessive gene for a genetic disease, that person might never know that he or she is carrying that gene at all. However, when that person chooses to have a child with another person who has that same recessive gene, there is a good chance that the child will end up having the genetic condition, even though both parents showed no signs of having such a condition. This is an example of how a DNA test can reveal what genetic conditions a person might be a carrier of. This is something that many women who are planning to have children should also consider.

2. DNA Tests Can Reveal Paternity and Other Ancestors

Whether a person is looking to get a DNA test while pregnant to determine who the father of her child is, or a person simply wants to know more about where he or she came from, DNA tests can provide answers. Paternity tests rely heavily on DNA, and there are many noninvasive ways that a pregnant woman can get a DNA test done without disturbing the baby’s development. Because of this, some women have decided that this is one of the best ways to check who the father of the baby is, before the baby is even born. On the other hand, if a person is simply interested in his or her ancestry, some DNA tests can provide answers.

3. DNA Tests Can Reveal Whether a Person Is Prone to Diseases

DNA tests, depending on where a person chooses to get them done, can also provide information about how prone a person is to developing certain conditions in his or her lifetime. These conditions don’t have to be exclusively genetic either. There are many conditions, such as diabetes or macular degeneracy, that are not inherently genetic, but can be passed on through an ancestor’s genes. If a person wants to get a clearer idea of his or her future health, getting a DNA test done might be a good place to start.

4. DNA Tests Can Reveal Answers

No matter what a person is curious about, there’s a very good chance that he or she will be able to find the answers needed through a DNA test. Whether a person wants to know more about ancestry, origins, and potential relatives through DNA testing, or a person wants to learn more about genetic and physical diseases that could be carried or developed, a DNA test can and will provide answers, making it a wonderful tool to use for getting an idea of what the future, or the past, holds in store.

4 Ways to Reduce Stress While Moving

4 Ways to Reduce Stress While Moving

There’s nothing like packing up your belongings and moving to a new house. However, you’re probably so stressed with the whole process that you can’t find it in you to be excited anymore.

In order to keep yourself from running ragged, here are four tips to help make the moving process less stressful.

1. Organize Your Stuff

Obviously, being organized is just common sense. When it comes to moving, however, a majority of people can’t find the time to organize and plan. And when the time finally comes to move, you’ll be rushing to throw everything in sight into one box. Moving is similar to a large project that you work on as you go through daily life. Movers suggest that the more organized you are, the easier the moving process will be.

2. Start Packing Early

If you have enough time in your schedule, try planning your move in advance. Some movers have suggested that three months beforehand is the best time to plan. This is because it gives you enough time to sit down and figure things out.

Using the time you have, you can hire a moving company, purchase the necessary supplies and pack up your belongings. Having everything done a week or two before it’s time to move will most certainly give you peace of mind.

3. Consider the What If’s

In a perfect world, there are no “what if’s” and everything goes smoothly. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case when it comes to moving. To avoid conflict, plan for anything and everything that could possibly go wrong.

4. Take the Time to Relax

With so many things to do, the last thing on your mind is taking a break. However, that is exactly what you should do. As we have mentioned before, moving can be very overwhelming and pushing yourself can only make it worse. That’s why it’s important to take a little bit of time to catch your breath. Even just a half hour of rest can work wonders for your mental well-being.

Even though moving can be tedious, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. In fact, the reason why moving is so stressful is that some people make it that way in the first place. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tip help your move just a little easier. Please visit Matco for more information.

5 Signs You Have Toilet Trouble

5 Signs You Have Toilet Trouble

There are many things you cannot live without, and the toilet is one of those. Unfortunately, it is one of the appliances that tend to break down often. Although bathrooms are made to last for a long time, at some point, you’ll have to repair it to increase its efficiency. It is essential to identify issues when they start showing so that you can call local plumbers Scarborough to handle it.

1. There are cracks in the porcelain

If you notice any crack or line of weakness in the chinaware, it is a sign that the toilet should be replaced. Bacteria and germs like staying in these cracks, which makes it impossible to keep the toilet clean. Eventually, the seat looks grimy because it has been harboring bacteria and dirt. Cracks that go unattended also get more prominent, thus increasing the risk of costly repairs and leaks. Contact local plumbers the moment you notice a break.

2. The toilet is constantly running

A running toilet is one where water is continuously flowing from the water storage into the toilet bowl even after flushing. Although it rarely seems like an issue, eventually it is because it will make you spend a lot of money on water bills. When left unattended, you might waste hundreds of liters of water. The issue is usually because of the flapper valve.

3. Regular repairs

Toilets should not be continuously fixed. If you realize that you are always calling local plumbers to repair a leak or any other issue, it’s probably time to consider replacing it. Regular repairs may add up, and it might be cheaper to replace the bowl rather than calling on an expert to fix it every other day.

4. It keeps clogging

Toilets clog a lot. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume that there is an issue when it clogs for the first time. However, if it keeps happening, you should consider calling a local plumber. Take note of how often the toilet clogs and if there are any notable changes in the volume of its flush. A weak flush might be part of the issue too.

5. There’s some water at the base

The toilet holds several liters of water. Imagine the amount that flows through it with every flush, and you will realize that in a day it can accommodate as much as 40 liters. That is why every toilet has seals, which are strong, and they hold everything together. If you notice water standing on the floor, you should hire local plumbers to repair it. The issue is a sign of an issue with the seal. The more you leave it unattended, the worse the problem becomes.

Deli and Catering Trends: The New, the Unexpected, the Future

Deli and Catering Trends: The New, the Unexpected, the Future

Healthy choices have swept this generation of people and it radiates through every service in the food industry. With the release of studies depicting how harmful age-old foods really are for the system, the younger generations have decided to be the ones to make the change. As a result, everyone from grocery suppliers to catering services to even a delicatessen has had to alter their products to be more natural, fresh, and appealing to the sprier. Surely the thought of a deli following fads is slightly confusing, but it can be done and it has, specifically in the year 2016 and has affected the manner catering services operate.