5 Reasons to Hire Piano Movers

5 Reasons to Hire Piano Movers

Moving a piano takes more than a few friends and a moving truck. Due to the piano’s weight and bulk, moving it safely requires the knowledge and expertise of a specialty mover. Here are five reasons you should hire Toronto Piano movers instead of trying to do it yourself.

1. The Movers Have Experience

It seems so easy. Roll it out of the house, on to the truck, then do the opposite on the other end. Moving a piano though is not often so easy. You may have to go around corners, make sharp turns, get through narrow hallways, or angle it through a narrow door. Professional movers have seen it all and know how to navigate the piano through, over, and around just about anything.

2. The Movers Have the Right Equipment

Pianos are heavy and bulky. To move a piano safely, it needs to be secured to a dolly built to handle its weight and bulk. A standard moving dolly isn’t going to do it. Those who move pianos professionally have the equipment needed. Plus, with long distance moves, the piano needs to go into a climate-controlled truck to prevent damage from extreme temperatures and humidity.

3. It’s Safer for the Piano

The piano is a finely tuned instrument often encased in a detailed well-preserved wood cabinet. Trying to move it yourself could end up denting the outside finish or causing damage to the instrument’s internal pieces. If you want to preserve the instrument’s integrity and looks, let the professionals handle the move.

4. It’s Safer for You

Pianos can weigh several hundred pounds. Even if you have a bunch of friends over to help, there’s a good chance you or someone could get hurt. Strained backs and pulled muscles are the most likely. However, due to its weight, serious injury might be the result. Movers who know how to move pianos are far less likely to get injured. Plus, they are covered by the moving company’s insurance, not yours.

5. It’s Safer for Your Home

Maneuvering a piano through a home can be tricky. It’s easy to clip a door, dent a wall, or chip the edge of the stairs. To keep your new home looking its best, let the professionals do the maneuvering.

Hiring piano movers is the smart thing to do. It will get the piano to its new home safe and sound, without hurting you, it, or your home. Plus, it’s one less thing you need to worry about moving.

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