About Us

Our Values … Our Food

In developing Ruth’s Hemp Foods, we always have strict guidelines:

always GMO-free
no hydrogenated fats
no transfatty acids
no refined sugars
no artificial preservatives
no sulfites
no fillers
We believe in working with family farms and giving back to the community. Click here to know more about our Community support.

If these are Your Values, this is Your Food

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Community Support

We define our community in several ways: the hemp community, the sustainable community and the local community.

Ruth has served on the Boards of the Industrial Hemp Council (1999 – 2001), the Hemp Industries Association (2003 – 2006), and the Canadian Hemp Trade Association (2004 to present).

We are members of the Hemp Industries Association, the Canadian Hemp Trade Association, Co-Op America Business Network, and the Organic Trade Association, and the Campaign to Label Genetically Modified Foods. Links to these and more sites are on our Links Page.

Our charity of choice is Everdale. Everdale was founded in the 1965 as a free school, modeled on Summerhill in England. Everdale was Ruth’s high school, and an important factor in her life. Ruth credits Everdale with empowering her to pursue her passions and interests, and to strive for unity between her work and her ideals.

Everdale only lasted as a free school for about 7 years, and underwent a long hibernation, followed by an exuberant renaissance, starting in 1998. Today Everdale is a thriving organic farm and learning centre, giving workshops in sustainable farming, bio-diesel, straw bale homes and more. “Home Alive” the house that eats, thinks and breathes, is a model environmental home at Everdale, about 1 hour northwest of Toronto.

Ruth has been on the Everdale board for approx. 10 years. Please visit the Everdale website and donate to support this fabulous environmental leader. And if you want a very inspiring vacation destination, check the site for Everdale activities, and visit this wonderful place.