Deli and Catering Trends: The New, the Unexpected, the Future

Healthy choices have swept this generation of people and it radiates through every service in the food industry. With the release of studies depicting how harmful age-old foods really are for the system, the younger generations have decided to be the ones to make the change. As a result, everyone from grocery suppliers to catering services to even a delicatessen has had to alter their products to be more natural, fresh, and appealing to the sprier. Surely the thought of a deli following fads is slightly confusing, but it can be done and it has, specifically in the year 2016 and has affected the manner catering services operate.

Grab and Go Products

The younger generation is one full of workers who will skip meals in the hopes to get slightly ahead in their careers or school. If there are quick options, however, they will opt for those over meals that need to be prepared. Because of this, delis have pre-sliced meats and cheeses and have made easy to eat side dishes, including pasta salad. People are able to walk in, grab a pound of cheese and a few slices of ham to snack on throughout their shifts without having to wait in line.

Local and Organic

This generation believes in supporting local economies by shopping for local products. Delis have begun investing in local farmers for their produce and meat source and have started advertising the natural ingredients more enticingly.

Smaller, Healthier Meals

Few can resist a tempting deli side dish such as egg salad, pasta salad, and fresh soups. However and often, the portions are far too big for this healthy generation. This has resulted in establishments lessening the portion sizes, upping the vegetables and natural ingredients to be found in them, and packaging them delicately to lure in the generation that loves all things mini. This trend coincides with the catering industry, a field that has also adopted the concept of smaller portions in the current year.

Ethnic Flavors Across the Board

Most portions of the world have adapted to more cultural influences and delis are not exempt from that. Aside from offering ethnic flavor-infused meats, their side dishes are very diverse. From Indian dal to Greek pasta salad, the flavors are different and diverse. Naturally, intense flavors such as sriracha, mango, chipotle, and curry are being utilized more, a fad that is expected to continue well into 2017. More online resources are available at Greensville Gourmet.

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